Software Engineer III, Reporting

The role of Software Engineer III, Reporting at FloQast offers an exciting opportunity for a driven individual to make a significant impact by developing high-quality features and solutions that exceed customer expectations. As a key contributor, you will work closely with cross-functional teams to build user-focused experiences using technologies like React, NodeJS, and MongoDB. With a focus on continuous improvement and a commitment to agile , you will play a pivotal role in driving the technical vision of the company and delivering exceptional products to market. If you have 3-5 years of full stack experience and a passion for taking products from concept to market, this role may be the perfect fit for you.

Software Engineer Iii, Reporting


In this article, you will learn about the exciting opportunity of a Software Engineer III, Reporting position at FloQast. Discover the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits associated with this role.

Explore the Software Engineer III Role at FloQast

Let's dive into the essential tasks and requirements associated with the Software Engineer III position at FloQast.

What You’ll Do

As a Software Engineer III at FloQast, you will be responsible for various key tasks, including building high-quality user experiences, leveraging AWS services, collaborating on technical visions, and continuously improving engineering processes.

Building User-Focused Experiences

As a Software Engineer III, your primary responsibility will be to build high-quality, user-focused experiences using technologies like React, NodeJS, and MongoDB. By carefully crafting user experiences, you contribute to the overall customer satisfaction and product success.

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Leveraging AWS Services

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as S3, Lambda, and Step Functions, you will have the opportunity to get features to market quickly and efficiently. Leveraging cloud technologies allows for scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in product .

Collaborating on Technical Vision

As part of the engineering team, you will collaborate on the technical vision of the products and features. Your involvement in discussions and implementations will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the company's technology stack.

Improving Engineering Processes

One of your key responsibilities will be to continuously improve engineering processes, tools, and systems. By optimizing workflows and systems, you enable the team to be more efficient and effective in delivering high-quality solutions to customers.

What You’ll Bring

To excel in the Software Engineer III role at FloQast, there are certain qualifications and attributes that you should possess. These include professional experience, proficiency in key technologies, a track record of shipping high-quality products, and a motivation to solve customer problems.

Professional Experience

Having 3-5 years of professional full-stack experience in web app , RESTful API design, or data modeling is essential for this role. Your experience should demonstrate your ability to handle complex projects and ship high-quality features to customers.

Proficiency in Key Technologies

Proficiency in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, and MongoDB is crucial for success in the Software Engineer III role. Your familiarity with these technologies and their best practices will enable you to develop innovative and robust solutions.

Track Record of Shipping High-Quality Products

Demonstrating a track record of shipping high-quality products and features to customers at scale is a key qualification for this role. Your ability to turn business and product ideas into engineering solutions will drive the success of the products you work on.

Motivation to Solve Customer Problems

Having the motivation to take a product to market, solve customer problems, and continuously improve your craft is essential for success in this role. Your dedication to mastering your skills and delivering value to customers will be instrumental in driving the company's growth.

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Nice to Haves

In addition to the essential qualifications, there are certain nice-to-have qualifications that can further enhance your candidacy for the Software Engineer III role at FloQast. These include taking a product from 0 to 1, B2B SaaS experience, and practice in TDD, BDD, or code coverage.

Taking a Product from 0 to 1

If you have experience taking a product from ideation to execution and successfully launching it in the market, it will be a valuable asset in this role. Your ability to navigate the early stages of product can contribute to the success of new initiatives at FloQast.

B2B SaaS Experience

Having prior experience in the B2B SaaS industry can provide you with insights and skills that are particularly relevant to the challenges and opportunities in this role. Your knowledge of the subscription-based software model and enterprise customers can add value to the team.

Practice in Testing Methodologies

Practicing Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), or the use of code coverage tools can demonstrate your commitment to quality and reliability in software development. These practices can help ensure that the products you deliver meet high standards of quality.

Software Engineer Iii, Reporting

Additional Information

As a Software Engineer III at FloQast, you will have the opportunity to work remotely and enjoy a competitive compensation package that includes a base salary in the range of $130,000 to $165,000. In addition to base salary, FloQast offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, unlimited vacation, and participation in the Employee Stock Program.

Benefits of Joining FloQast

Explore the benefits of joining FloQast, including competitive compensation, stock options, professional growth opportunities, community involvement, work-life balance, and a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

Total Rewards Package

By joining FloQast, you have access to a Total Rewards package that goes beyond just compensation. The company values its employees and is committed to providing a comprehensive benefits package that supports your well-being and professional development.

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About FloQast

Learn more about FloQast, the leader in accounting workflow automation created by accountants for accountants. Discover the company's values, mission, and vision for revolutionizing the accounting profession through innovative technology solutions.

Why You Should Apply

There are several compelling reasons to consider applying for the Software Engineer III role at FloQast, including amazing benefits, competitive compensation, professional growth opportunities, work-life balance, and a supportive, inclusive work environment.

Amazing Benefits

FloQast pays 100% of the premium for employees and families for most medical, dental, and vision plans, offering comprehensive healthcare coverage for you and your loved ones.

Professional Growth & Community

At FloQast, you will have opportunities for professional growth through Employee Resource Groups, community volunteer initiatives, social events, and professional development reimbursements relevant to your role.

Work-Life Balance

Enjoy unlimited PTO, generous parental leave policies, and Mental Health Days to prioritize your well-being and recharge. FloQast values work-life balance and supports employees in maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Employee Choice Policy

With the flexibility to work from home or in a FloQast office, you have the freedom to choose a work environment that suits your preferences and needs. The company supports hybrid work schedules to accommodate diverse work styles.

Software Engineer Iii, Reporting


In conclusion, the Software Engineer III, Reporting role at FloQast offers an exciting opportunity for software engineers looking to make a significant impact and contribute to the success of innovative accounting workflow automation solutions. If you have a passion for technology, a drive for excellence, and a desire to work in a collaborative and supportive environment, this role may be the perfect fit for you. Apply now to join the FloQast team and be part of a company that values its employees and empowers them to grow personally and professionally.

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