Survey Marketing Data Scientist

If you're someone who thrives on curiosity, loves research, statistics, and programming, and enjoys a good challenge, then Gradient Metrics has an that might be perfect for you. As a Data Scientist, you'll be part of a team that applies statistical models to make difficult decisions easier for clients. Whether it's evaluating marketing campaigns, testing messages, or designing new products, Gradient Metrics dives deep into data to provide actionable intelligence. As the company continues to grow, you'll have the chance to make a real impact and work in a dynamic and creative environment. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, head over to the website to find out more and apply.

What is Gradient Metrics?

Description of Gradient Metrics

Gradient Metrics is a new breed of market researchers and data scientists that apply statistical models to make difficult decisions easier. They are a team of curious individuals who love research, statistics, and programming. They are dedicated to creating actionable intelligence from various types of data and going beyond the surface level of understanding. Gradient Metrics helps a diverse range of clients, including startups, non-profits, think tanks, Fortune 100 companies, and more, by evaluating marketing campaigns, conducting message testing, calculating customer lifetime value, assessing brand equity, and experimenting with new product design.

Range of clients served

Gradient Metrics serves a diverse array of clients, including Series A startups, non-profits, philanthropies, think tanks, advocacy groups, and Fortune 100 companies. Their expertise in market research and data analysis enables them to cater to the unique needs of each client and provide valuable insights to help them make informed decisions.

Approach to market research

Gradient Metrics takes a unique and innovative approach to market research. They are not satisfied with just scratching the surface of a problem. Instead, they investigate deeply and iteratively to solve problems at their core, rather than addressing mere symptoms. They are constantly exploring new methodologies and technologies to push the boundaries of market research. Their lean, flexible, and efficient approach allows them to adapt quickly to changing research needs and deliver high-quality results.

What We’re Looking For: Marketing Data Scientist

Role description

Gradient Metrics is currently seeking a Marketing Data Scientist who is passionate about data analysis and has a deep knowledge of R programming. The role involves working with a research team to help clients make informed decisions and automate research capabilities. The Marketing Data Scientist will be responsible for executing and interpreting data analyses, developing new research models, and collaborating with R programmers and research managers to optimize the analysis of survey data.

Primary domains of the role

The Marketing Data Scientist role at Gradient Metrics encompasses three primary domains:

  1. Executing and interpreting data analyses: The Marketing Data Scientist will use functions and packages built by the R programming team to process, tidy, reshape, and visualize survey data. They will advise research managers based on their analysis and provide valuable insights.

  2. Developing research models: The Marketing Data Scientist will develop new research models grounded in statistical best practices. They should be able to explain these models to members of the research team, ensuring that the models are effectively utilized in decision-making processes.

  3. Collaborating with the research team and R programmers: The Marketing Data Scientist will work closely with the research team and R programmers to enhance the efficiency of analyzing survey data. This collaboration will involve sharing insights, suggestions, and feedback to improve data analysis processes.

Survey Marketing Data Scientist

Ideal Experience & Skills

Analyzing (survey) Data in R

The ideal candidate for the Marketing Data Scientist role should have expertise in analyzing survey data using R programming language. They should be highly fluent in the tidyverse, including packages like dplyr, tidyr, haven, and purrr. Additionally, they should be able to transform data from wide format to long format and vice versa, join datasets together, work with lists and strings, and perform data quality assessments.

Market Research Experience

Experience in market research is highly valued for this role. The ideal candidate should be familiar with survey research and data collection tools such as Qualtrics, Dynata, Crunch, and MTurk. They should have knowledge of techniques like discrete choice experiments, randomized control trials, message and persuasion testing, and MRP/weighting practices.

Data Visualization

Proficiency in data visualization is a key skill required for the Marketing Data Scientist role. Strong familiarity with the ggplot2 library and the ability to produce visually appealing and effective plots are essential. The candidate should be able to present data in a visually compelling manner, enabling stakeholders to easily understand complex information.

Nice to Have

Statistical inference experience

Having experience in statistical inference is considered a plus for the Marketing Data Scientist role. This includes the ability to create classification, regression, and clustering models. An understanding of the GLM family, including Gaussian, Poisson, Binomial, Survival, and Ordinal models, as well as hierarchical models, is valuable. The candidate should also be able to explain and synthesize the results of statistical models to a non-statistician audience.

Experience in creating and working with APIs

Experience in creating and working with APIs is an additional skill set that would be advantageous in the Marketing Data Scientist role. This can involve integrating data from external sources, automating data retrieval processes, and leveraging API capabilities to enhance the efficiency of data analysis.

Experience with AWS cloud computing provider

Familiarity with the AWS cloud computing provider is a nice-to-have skill. This experience can help in utilizing cloud resources for data analysis and expanding the scalability and performance of research processes.

Survey Marketing Data Scientist

Employment Conditions

Location and working hours

Gradient Metrics offers flexible working arrangements and is open to candidates from anywhere. However, to ensure effective collaboration with the team, candidates should be comfortable working during standard US Eastern or EU business hours.

Language requirements

Proficiency in spoken and written English is necessary for effective communication within the team and with clients.

Flexible working hours

Gradient Metrics promotes a culture of flexibility, allowing employees to have flexible working hours that suit their personal schedules. This flexibility enables individuals to find a work-life balance that works best for them.


Salary and bonus potential

Gradient Metrics offers an above-market rate salary based on the candidate's location and experience. In addition to the competitive salary, there is also profit share end-of-year bonus potential.

Health and dental insurance

Gradient Metrics provides health and dental insurance coverage to ensure the well-being of its employees. This benefit supports employees in maintaining their physical and dental health.

Retirement account contribution

As part of the employment package, Gradient Metrics offers a retirement account contribution scheme. This enables employees to save for their future and secure their financial well-being.

Survey Marketing Data Scientist

Why We Think We’re Special

Unique company culture

Gradient Metrics prides itself on having a unique and intentional company culture. They value both independence and collaboration, allowing employees to have the freedom to solve problems while providing them with the necessary tools and expertise. This combination fosters a supportive and innovative environment.

Value on independence and collaboration

In addition to valuing independence, Gradient Metrics also emphasizes collaboration. Employees have access to a diverse range of resources and expertise within the team. This collaborative approach ensures that employees can leverage each other's skills and knowledge to tackle complex problems effectively.

Continuous learning and career development

Gradient Metrics understands the importance of continuous learning and career development. They offer opportunities for employees to expand their knowledge through books, classes, and workshops. By investing in their employees' growth, Gradient Metrics ensures that they stay at the forefront of industry developments and can deliver high-quality work.

Overall, Gradient Metrics is a company that values curiosity, brilliance, and a bit of grit. They offer a challenging yet rewarding environment where employees have the opportunity to make a real impact. If you have a passion for data analysis, statistical models, and problem-solving, Gradient Metrics could be the perfect fit for you. Visit their website and read their latest newsletters to learn more about their unique approach to market research and data science.

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