Frontend Software Engineer Position at Unico

Are you a skilled Software Engineer looking for an exciting opportunity? Look no further than Unico, Brazil's largest IDtech company. With a focus on developing innovative solutions to protect the identity of Brazilian citizens, Unico is on a mission to put Brazil on the global map of innovation. As a Frontend Software Engineer at Unico, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the design, implementation, and optimization of HR systems, ensuring code simplicity, efficiency, and maintainability. With a collaborative and supportive work environment, numerous learning opportunities, and a range of benefits including flexible benefits, home office assistance, and extended parental leave, Unico is the ideal place to grow your career and make a difference. Join us and become part of an amazing team dedicated to building a secure and transparent future for all.


As a Frontend Software Engineer at Unico, you will have several important responsibilities to ensure the design, implementation, and optimization of HR systems. Your contributions will play a crucial role in the overall success of our company. Some of your main responsibilities include:

Active contribution in the design, implementation, and optimization of HR systems

You will actively contribute to the design, implementation, and optimization of HR systems at Unico. This will involve working closely with the team to understand the requirements, suggesting improvements or enhancements, and translating them into practical solutions. Your input and expertise will help shape the direction of our HR systems.

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Deliver code that is tested, secure, reliable, and easy to maintain

One of your key responsibilities will be delivering code that meets high standards of quality. This means ensuring that your code is thoroughly tested, secure, reliable, and easy to maintain. By following best practices and utilizing proper testing techniques, you will help ensure the stability and long-term viability of our HR systems.

Ensure simplicity, efficiency, maintainability, and code reusability

In order to create scalable and sustainable HR systems, it's important to prioritize simplicity, efficiency, maintainability, and code reusability. You will be responsible for implementing these principles in your development work. By writing clean and modular code, you will make it easier for the team to maintain and enhance the systems in the future.

Participate in product discussions and decisions

As a Frontend Software Engineer, your input is valuable in product discussions and decisions. You will have the opportunity to share your insights and ideas, contributing to the overall direction of our HR systems. By actively participating in these discussions, you can help shape the features and functionality of our systems.

Create and update technical documentation

Documentation is an important aspect of any software development project. You will be responsible for creating and updating technical documentation related to our HR systems. This documentation will serve as a valuable resource for the team, helping them understand the systems and providing guidance for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Develop systems based on Unico’s engineering principles

At Unico, we have established engineering principles that guide our development process. As a Frontend Software Engineer, it will be your responsibility to develop HR systems based on these principles. By adhering to these principles, you will contribute to the consistency, scalability, and reliability of our systems.

Required Skills

To excel in the role of Frontend Software Engineer at Unico, you will need to possess a certain set of skills. These skills will enable you to effectively contribute to the design, development, and maintenance of our HR systems. The required skills include:

Solid experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is essential for frontend development. You should have a solid understanding of these technologies and be able to effectively utilize them to implement user interfaces and interactive features.

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Experience with at least one front-end development framework (Angular, React, or Vue.js)

Frontend development frameworks are powerful tools that can streamline the development process and enhance the efficiency and maintainability of your code. Experience with at least one popular frontend development framework, such as Angular, React, or Vue.js, is highly desirable.

Experience in fetching data from REST APIs

Many modern web applications rely on REST APIs to fetch and manipulate data. It's important to have experience in working with REST APIs and understanding how to effectively retrieve and utilize data from them.

Experience with agile methodologies

Experience with agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, is beneficial for effectively collaborating with cross-functional teams and delivering high-quality software. Familiarity with agile practices and principles will enable you to adapt to changing requirements and deliver results in an iterative and incremental manner.

Frontend Software Engineer Position at Unico


At Unico, we value our employees and strive to provide a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. As a Frontend Software Engineer, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Flexible benefits including VA/VR, Culture, Mobility, and Flex Time off

We offer flexible benefits that allow you to allocate a certain amount of money each month across different categories, such as meal vouchers, cultural expenses, mobility expenses, and additional paid time off.

Home office allowance for bill payments and consumption

To support your work setup, we provide a monthly home office allowance that can be used for bill payments and consumption-related expenses.

Ergonomics allowance for purchasing home office equipment

Ensuring your comfort and productivity while working remotely is important to us. We offer an ergonomics allowance that can be used to purchase home office equipment, such as a comfortable chair, office supplies, and other necessary items.

Performance-based bonuses

We believe in recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance. As a Frontend Software Engineer, you will have the opportunity to earn performance-based bonuses based on your individual and team achievements.

Educational credit for personal and professional development

Continuous learning and professional development are encouraged at Unico. We provide an annual educational credit that you can use to pursue personal and professional development opportunities, such as courses, workshops, or certifications.

Premium health and dental insurance

We care about your well-being and offer premium health and dental insurance to ensure you have access to quality healthcare when needed.

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Access to fitness platforms like Gympass and Totalpass

We promote a healthy lifestyle and provide access to fitness platforms like Gympass and Totalpass. You can enjoy a variety of physical activities and exercise options to stay fit and active.

Extended parental leave

We understand the importance of family and offer extended parental leave to support parents during the exciting and challenging times of welcoming a new addition to their family.

Other perks like career development opportunities, training, and social events

In addition to the mentioned benefits, we offer various other perks to enhance your employee experience. This includes career development opportunities, training programs, and social events that foster team bonding and a positive work culture.

Work Location

As a Frontend Software Engineer at Unico, you will have the flexibility to work remotely. We embrace a remote work culture (referred to as #tetounico), allowing you the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home or any location of your choosing. However, we also have offices in São Paulo and Londrina, and you have the option to visit them as needed.

Frontend Software Engineer Position at Unico

Diversity & Inclusion

At Unico, we are committed to building an inclusive culture that values diversity in all positions. We believe that diverse perspectives bring forth innovation and creativity, and we actively encourage and support candidates from all backgrounds to apply. To promote inclusive practices, we have created a Diversity & Inclusion form. While filling out this form is optional, your participation will help us in better understanding and addressing the needs of our diverse workforce.

Learn More about Unico

If you want to learn more about Unico and our mission, culture, and technology, we offer various resources for you to explore:

Watch the manifesto video

Our manifesto video provides a glimpse into our mission and the impact we aim to create. It is a great starting point to understand our vision and values.

Explore the Medium blog

Our Medium blog offers a wealth of articles and insights from our team members. It covers a wide range of topics related to technology, innovation, and our industry. You can gain valuable knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends by exploring the articles.

Watch technology meetups on YouTube

Our YouTube channel features recordings of our technology meetups. These meetups bring together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss cutting-edge technologies and share their insights. Watching these videos can provide valuable learning opportunities and help you stay informed about the latest advancements in the field.

Follow Unico on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

To stay connected with Unico and receive updates about our company, job openings, and events, you can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Our social media platforms are a great way to engage with our community and stay connected with the Unico team.

Frontend Software Engineer Position at Unico

Privacy Policy

Before applying for a at Unico, it is important to acknowledge and accept our privacy policy for candidates. Our privacy policy outlines how we handle and protect the personal information of our candidates. You can find the full privacy policy document on our website.

By considering a role as a Frontend Software Engineer at Unico, you are joining a team that values innovation, collaboration, and individual growth. Your contributions will have a significant impact on our HR systems and help shape the future of technology-driven solutions in Brazil. We invite you to explore more about Unico and take the next step in your career journey with us.

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