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Job Captain, Interior Architecture & Design

Ware Malcomb has a captivating opportunity available for an Interior Design Job Captain at their Downtown Los Angeles office. As a Job Captain, you will play a crucial role in coordinating consultants and internal resources for each phase of the project. Your responsibilities will include providing Revit support, maintaining project drawings, conducting code research, and assisting with project schedules, budgets, and submittals. With a minimum of 3 years of experience in Interior Architecture & Design and proficiency in Revit and building codes, this offers the chance to work on corporate interiors and workplace projects. Join Ware Malcomb, a leading design firm that fosters professional growth and offers competitive benefits, and be a part of their remarkable success as an acclaimed and rapidly expanding company in the industry.

Job Captain, Interior Architecture & Design


As a Job Captain in the field of Interior Architecture & Design, your responsibilities will include project coordination, Revit support, utilization of resource groups, design and construction documents preparation, construction services, project code searches and analysis, project schedules and budgets, assistance with submittals, and communication.

Project Coordination

As the Job Captain, you will lead the project coordination with the consultant team for each phase of the project. This typically includes site planning, conceptualization, schematic design, design development, construction document preparation, and construction administration. Your role is crucial in delivering a set of contract documents that will be used for permits and construction.

Revit Support

Your expertise in Revit and understanding of its functionalities will be essential in providing support for the preparation of project documents. By utilizing Revit, you will contribute to the efficient and accurate creation of architectural drawings and other project deliverables.

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Utilization of Resource Groups

In order to achieve optimal design outcomes, you will work closely with the company's resource groups for design. Collaborating with these groups will enable you to leverage their specialized skills and knowledge, effectively enhancing the quality of your projects.

Design and Construction Documents Preparation

You will be responsible for the preparation of design and construction documents. This includes creating detailed architectural drawings, specifications, and other necessary documentation to guide the construction process. Attention to detail and a thorough understanding of architectural principles are crucial in ensuring the accuracy and quality of these documents.

Construction Services

Assisting the Project or Architect with construction services will be part of your role as a Job Captain. This may involve conducting site visits, reviewing shop drawings, and addressing any construction-related issues that arise during the project. Your input and expertise will contribute to the successful execution of the design vision.

Project Code Searches and Analysis

Conducting project code searches and analysis is an integral part of your responsibilities as a Job Captain. Your understanding of building codes and regulations will ensure that the design and construction documents comply with relevant standards, codes, and regulations.

Project Schedules and Budgets

You will assist the Project or Architect in the preparation of project schedules and the review of budgets. Effective project scheduling and budget management are essential in ensuring that projects are completed on time and within allocated resources.

Assistance with Submittals

Providing assistance for submittals to jurisdiction agencies is another important responsibility of a Job Captain. Your attention to detail and knowledge of the required submittal process will contribute to the smooth progress of the project through various approval stages.


Effective communication is crucial in any architectural project. As a Job Captain, you will be responsible for communicating with clients, contractors, consultants, and other Ware Malcomb employees. Clear and concise communication will ensure that all stakeholders are informed about project progress, deadlines, and any changes that may arise.

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To excel in the role of Job Captain, there are certain requirements that you should meet. These requirements include experience, education, and skills.


A minimum of 3 years of experience in the field of Interior Architecture & Design is required for this . This experience should encompass various stages of project development and delivery, showcasing your ability to successfully coordinate and manage architectural projects.


A Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Architecture, or a related field is required for this . Your educational background will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of interior architecture and design.


Proficiency in Revit is essential for this role, as it is a primary tool used in the creation of architectural drawings and documentation. Additionally, knowledge of Newforma, a project information management software, is beneficial. Familiarity with building codes and regulations is also necessary to ensure compliance throughout the design and construction processes. Lastly, having the ability to coordinate a complete set of contract documents is a valuable skill in managing architectural projects effectively.

Job Captain, Interior Architecture  Design

Additional Information

About Ware Malcomb

Ware Malcomb is an established design firm that was founded in 1972. The firm provides professional architecture, planning, interior design, civil engineering, branding, and building measurement services to a wide range of clients, including corporate, commercial/residential developers, and public/institutional clients worldwide.

Office Locations

Ware Malcomb has office locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. This broad presence enables the firm to serve clients in various regions and provides opportunities for collaboration across different projects and locations.


The firm specializes in the design of various commercial spaces, including corporate offices, industrial facilities, science & technology buildings, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, automotive facilities, and public/institutional facilities. With a diverse range of specialization areas, Ware Malcomb can offer a comprehensive design solution for a wide variety of client needs.

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Company Culture

Ware Malcomb offers a supportive and nurturing work environment, despite its size and resources as a large company. This culture fosters professional growth and provides employees with opportunities to flourish and excel in their careers. The company also prioritizes employee wellness, creating a work-life balance that allows individuals to thrive both professionally and personally.


As an employee of Ware Malcomb, you can expect to receive a competitive salary and overall benefits package. The company values its employees and recognizes the importance of offering comprehensive benefits to ensure their wellbeing.


Ware Malcomb has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company and has received accolades as a Hot Firm and Best Firm to Work For by Zweig Group. These recognitions underscore the firm's commitment to excellence and its dedication to creating a positive and rewarding work environment for its employees.

In conclusion, the role of a Job Captain in Interior Architecture & Design at Ware Malcomb entails various responsibilities, including project coordination, Revit support, design and construction documents preparation, construction services, and effective communication with stakeholders. Meeting the requirements of experience, education, and skills will position you for success in this role. Additionally, joining Ware Malcomb offers the opportunity to work in a supportive and nurturing environment, with access to the firm's extensive resources and a comprehensive benefits package.

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Job Captain, Interior Architecture  Design

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