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Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the daily lives of thousands of entrepreneurs in France and Europe? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment where no two days are the same? If so, then Pennylane may be the right company for you. Our mission is to become the preferred financial management software for European SMEs. We help entrepreneurs by streamlining their accounting and finance tasks and providing them with key financial information to make informed business decisions. In addition, we support accounting firms by enabling them to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on advising and guiding their clients. With our rapid growth, international team, and exceptional ratings from clients and accounting firms, Pennylane offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to our success. As a member of the Partner Success team, you will provide support and assistance to accountants using our software, ensuring their optimal experience and resolving any issues they encounter.

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Becoming the preferred financial management software for European SMEs

Pennylane's mission is to become the go-to financial management software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe. By offering user-friendly and efficient accounting software, Pennylane aims to streamline financial processes for entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—growing their businesses.

Helping entrepreneurs eliminate time-consuming accounting tasks

As a leading fintech company, Pennylane understands the challenges entrepreneurs face when it comes to managing their finances. By providing innovative solutions, Pennylane aims to eliminate time-consuming accounting tasks, saving entrepreneurs valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards business and strategic decision-making.

Providing key financial information to aid in decision-making

Pennylane recognizes the importance of accurate and up-to-date financial information in making informed business decisions. By offering comprehensive financial reporting and data analysis tools, Pennylane strives to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary insights to optimize their business strategies and drive growth.

Assisting accounting firms in reducing time spent on repetitive tasks

In addition to supporting entrepreneurs, Pennylane also aims to assist accounting firms in reducing the time spent on repetitive and mundane tasks. By automating manual processes and simplifying workflows, Pennylane enables accounting professionals to allocate more time to providing valuable advisory services to their clients. This partnership enables accountants to maximize their productivity and deliver exceptional to their clients.

About Pennylane

Fast-growing fintech in France

Pennylane has established itself as one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in France. Over the past three years, Pennylane has made significant strides in the market, positioning itself as an innovative provider of accounting and financial management solutions.

Impressive milestones and achievements

Pennylane has achieved remarkable milestones in its journey. It has successfully raised a total of 100 million euros from renowned investors, including Sequoia, a flagship fund from Silicon Valley known for backing industry giants like Google, Facebook, and Airbnb during their early stages. This significant investment is a testament to Pennylane's potential and the value it brings to the financial management space.

International team with a flexible remote work culture

Pennylane boasts a diverse and international team, with employees hailing from 35 different countries. The company embraces a flexible remote work culture, allowing team members to work from anywhere. This approach fosters collaboration, innovation, and a healthy work-life balance among team members.

Chargé.e De Relation Clients - 100% Télétravail

Importance of the Role

Migration of accounting firms to Pennylane

Pennylane has witnessed a surge in the number of accounting firms choosing to migrate at least part of their client portfolios to the platform. This migration requires a seamless transition to minimize disruption for both accountants and their clients. The role of the Partner Success team is crucial in ensuring a smooth migration process.

Ensuring a smooth transition and user experience

As a Partner Success team member, you play a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition for accounting firms migrating to Pennylane. By providing guidance, support, and training, you help accountants become proficient in using the software and ensure a positive user experience during the transition process.

Partnering with accountants to optimize software usage

In addition to assisting with the migration process, the Partner Success team collaborates closely with accountants to optimize their usage of Pennylane's software. By understanding accountants' needs and challenges, you can provide tailored solutions, best practices, and ongoing support to help them make the most of the software's features and functionalities.

Your Contribution to the Project

Providing support and assistance to accountants

As a member of the Partner Success team, your primary responsibility is to provide support and assistance to accountants using Pennylane's software. You will respond to their inquiries, guide them in effectively using the software, and help resolve any issues they encounter along the way. This involves clear and professional communication, ensuring that accountants feel supported and confident in their use of the platform.

Helping with software usage and issue resolution

In addition to providing support, you will play a crucial role in training accountants on the advanced features of Pennylane's software. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills, you empower accountants to leverage the software's capabilities fully. Furthermore, you will assist in identifying and resolving any software anomalies, working collaboratively with the technical teams to deliver timely and effective solutions.

Chargé.e De Relation Clients - 100% Télétravail

Daily Missions

Supporting users on the dedicated chat

A significant part of your daily mission involves supporting users, specifically accountants, through the dedicated chat platform. You will be available to answer their questions, address their concerns, and guide them in using Pennylane's software effectively. Through prompt and accurate responses, you ensure a positive user experience for accountants.

Training accountants on advanced features

In addition to providing day-to-day support, part of your mission is to train accountants on the advanced features of Pennylane's software. By conducting training sessions, webinars, or providing written resources, you help accountants unlock the full potential of the software and maximize its benefits for their clients.

Ensuring timely resolution of user tickets

An essential aspect of your role is to ensure the timely resolution of user tickets. When accountants encounter issues or anomalies within the software, you will investigate, diagnose, and resolve these problems with a deep understanding of accounting principles. By working closely with the technical teams, you contribute to maintaining a high level of user satisfaction.

Identifying and resolving software anomalies

As you interact with accountants and gain an in-depth understanding of their usage patterns, you may encounter software anomalies. You play a critical role in identifying and reporting these issues to the technical teams. By providing clear and structured feedback, you contribute to continuously improving the software's stability and performance.

Collaborating with technical teams

Effective collaboration with the technical teams is an integral part of your daily missions. By working closely with developers, product managers, and account managers, you contribute insights and feedback to enhance the software's functionality and user experience. Your collaboration ensures that the software meets the evolving needs of accountants and continuously improves over time.

Internal Collaboration

Working closely with developers, product managers, and account managers

To fulfill your responsibilities effectively, you will work closely with various teams within Pennylane. This collaboration involves engaging with developers to address software issues, sharing user feedback with product managers to enhance the software's features, and coordinating with account managers to ensure a seamless user experience. By collaborating with these teams, you contribute to the overall success of Pennylane's mission.

Identifying potential product improvements

Your role in the Partner Success team positions you as a firsthand witness to the challenges faced by accountants and the areas where Pennylane's software could be improved. By actively engaging with accountants, gathering feedback, and gaining insights into their needs and pain points, you contribute to identifying potential product improvements. Your observations serve as valuable input for the and enhancement of Pennylane's software.

Chargé.e De Relation Clients - 100% Télétravail

Product Mastery

Maintaining in-depth knowledge of the product

As a member of the Partner Success team, it is crucial to maintain an in-depth knowledge of Pennylane's software. This includes staying up to date with new feature releases, enhancements, and updates. By continuously expanding your understanding of the product, you can provide valuable guidance and support to accountants, ensuring their success and satisfaction with the software.

Required Skills

Accounting background

A solid accounting background is a fundamental requirement for this role. Holding qualifications such as BTS CGO, DCG, DSCG, or a Master's degree in CCA demonstrates your understanding of accounting principles, practices, and processes.

Experience in accounting firms

Having prior experience working in accounting firms as a collaborator or in a similar role is highly valuable for this . Familiarity with the challenges and intricacies of accounting work enables you to better empathize with the accountants you support.

Strong written and communication skills

Clear and effective communication, both written and verbal, is essential in the Partner Success role. The ability to articulate complex concepts in a concise and comprehensible manner is crucial for assisting accountants and providing them with accurate information and guidance.

Customer-centric mindset

A customer-centric mindset is critical for success in this role. Putting the needs and satisfaction of the accountants at the forefront of your interactions ensures that they receive the support and assistance they require to optimize their usage of Pennylane's software.

Ability to work autonomously and in a team

The Partner Success team operates in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, requiring individuals who can work independently. However, collaboration is also key as you engage with other teams within Pennylane to address challenges and contribute to product improvement.

Flexibility and adaptability to software updates

As Pennylane continues to evolve its software, it is essential to embrace flexibility and adaptability. Being open to software updates and changes ensures that you can effectively support accountants and address any concerns that may arise during the transition.

Desire to learn and stay updated

The fintech industry is ever-changing, and a desire to continuously learn and stay updated is crucial for success. Maintaining a growth mindset and being proactive in expanding your knowledge and skills ensures that you can provide the best possible assistance to accountants.

Chargé.e De Relation Clients - 100% Télétravail

Perks and Benefits

Comprehensive health insurance

Pennylane values the well-being of its employees and offers comprehensive health insurance coverage. This ensures that you have access to the necessary medical resources and assistance.

Meal vouchers

To support a healthy work-life balance, Pennylane provides meal vouchers, allowing you to enjoy nutritious meals conveniently and comfortably.

Great office location in Paris

For those based in Paris, Pennylane offers a great office location in the heart of the city. This prime location provides a vibrant and inspiring work environment.

Extra paid time off

Pennylane values work-life balance and recognizes the importance of time off. In addition to the standard vacation days, Pennylane offers extra paid time off, allowing you to recharge and relax.

Access to fitness facilities and wellness activities

Your well-being matters, and Pennylane encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing access to fitness facilities and a wide range of wellness activities. Through partnerships with Gymlib, you have the opportunity to stay active and prioritize your physical and mental well-being.

Language learning opportunities

Pennylane recognizes the value of continuous learning and growth. To support your personal and professional , Pennylane offers language learning opportunities, enabling you to enhance your language skills.

Macbook provided

To facilitate your work and optimize productivity, Pennylane provides a Macbook, ensuring that you have the necessary tools to excel in your role.

Dynamic and international team

Working at Pennylane means being part of a dynamic and international team. Through team-building activities, social events, and annual company retreats, you have the opportunity to foster strong relationships with your colleagues and experience a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Additional Information

Considering applicants regardless of meeting all requirements

Pennylane values diverse perspectives and recognizes that qualifications and requirements can vary significantly among individuals. Therefore, Pennylane considers applicants regardless of whether they meet all the stated requirements for the role. The company believes in the potential of each individual and encourages everyone to apply.

Encouraging candidates to apply even if unsure

At Pennylane, the company understands the hesitation individuals may have in applying for a role when they feel they do not meet all the requirements. However, Pennylane encourages candidates to apply even if they are unsure. The company believes in providing equal opportunities and values the unique contributions each individual can make.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

Pennylane is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within the company. It celebrates differences, recognizing that they contribute to a more prosperous and enriching work environment. Pennylane values every individual and promotes an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

Signing the Parity Pact

As a testament to its commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment, Pennylane has signed the Parity Pact. The Parity Pact sets concrete goals toward achieving gender equality within the workplace, reflecting Pennylane's dedication to diversity and parity.

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