Customer Support Manager – Join the Fast-Growing Team at MailerLite

Looking to join a fast-growing team that values innovation and exceptional customer experience? MailerLite, one of the fastest-growing email marketing services, is seeking a smart and empathetic Customer Support Manager to join their dynamic team. With over 1 million businesses relying on MailerLite to stay connected with their customers, this is an to be part of a passionate and driven group of individuals. As a Customer Support Manager, you will be responsible for answering customer queries, providing guidance on integrations and API solutions, and reporting technical issues. With a remote work culture and a focus on personal , MailerLite offers a unique and fulfilling career opportunity. Don't miss out – check out their job posting now!

Why Join MailerLite?

Intriguing challenges every day

At MailerLite, you'll find every day filled with intriguing challenges. As a Customer Support Manager, you'll encounter different questions and unique use cases that will make you think and improve your knowledge. This dynamic work environment ensures that you'll never have a dull moment and will constantly be engaged in finding solutions for our customers.

Opportunities for growth and

We believe in growth and , which is why we provide ample opportunities for you to learn and evolve. As part of a team that is always looking for new, innovative ways to offer value for customers, you'll constantly be experimenting, learning, and trying out new things. This continuous learning environment will help you enhance your skills and knowledge, making you a valuable asset to the team.

Taking ownership of tasks

At MailerLite, we expect you to take full ownership and responsibility for your tasks. We believe in providing autonomy to our team members, and our team leads avoid micromanaging and minimizing interruptions so that you can stay focused on your assignments. This sense of ownership will not only give you the freedom to work independently but also instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in your work.

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Access to experts

When you join MailerLite, you'll have access to a diverse team of experts. Whenever you're stuck or need assistance, your teammates with a wide range of different expertise are ready to help you grow. Whether it's technical support or product knowledge, you can rely on your colleagues to provide guidance and support. Additionally, we encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise, creating a collaborative environment where everyone can learn from each other.

Remote work flexibility

At MailerLite, we embrace the remote culture. We understand that everyone works differently, and every day, you get to choose the environment that makes you most productive. Whether it's your home office, a co-working space, or a coffee shop, we give you the flexibility to work from wherever you feel most comfortable. This remote work flexibility allows you to create a work-life balance that suits your needs and enables you to work in an environment that inspires you.

Stability in the workplace

Stability is something we value at MailerLite. We have been thriving for over 10 years, and our year-over-year growth continues to increase. When you join our team, you'll be part of a stable workplace that is committed to providing a secure and supportive environment. This stability not only ensures job security but also allows you to focus on your work and personal growth without worrying about uncertainties.

Customer Support Manager - Join The Fast-Growing Team At Mailerlite

Responsibilities of Customer Support Manager

Becoming an expert in MailerLite products

As a Customer Support Manager, you'll be responsible for becoming an expert in all MailerLite products. This includes MailerLite, Classic MailerLite, MailerCheck, and our iOS apps and respective admin tools. By gaining a deep understanding of our products, you'll be able to provide comprehensive support to our customers and guide them in making the best use of our tools.

Answering customer queries via live chat and email

One of your main responsibilities will be answering customer queries via live chat and email. Using tools like Intercom and HelpScout, you'll interact with customers and address their questions and concerns. Your role will involve providing prompt and accurate responses, ensuring that customers have a positive experience with our support team.

Providing guidance on integrations and API solutions

Another important aspect of your role will be providing guidance on the functionality of MailerLite integrations and our API solutions. This includes familiarizing yourself with integrations such as WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Stripe, and more. By understanding the features and capabilities of these integrations, you'll be able to assist customers in integrating MailerLite with their preferred platforms.

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Identifying and reporting technical issues

In your role as a Customer Support Manager, you'll be responsible for identifying and reporting technical issues, bugs, and product improvements to the technical and product teams. This requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to analyze customer feedback and experiences. Your insights and observations will play a vital role in improving our products and ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.

Collaborating with support and technical teams

Collaboration is key at MailerLite. As a Customer Support Manager, you'll work closely with the rest of the MailerLite Support Team, Technical Team, and Compliance and Deliverability Team. This collaborative approach ensures that customer queries are addressed effectively and that solutions are implemented in a timely manner. By working together, we can provide a top-notch customer experience and continuously improve our support processes.

Customer Support Manager - Join The Fast-Growing Team At Mailerlite

Requirements for Customer Support Manager

To be considered for the role of Customer Support Manager at MailerLite, the following requirements must be met:

2+ years of customer support experience

We're looking for candidates with at least 2 years of customer support experience, preferably in a SaaS environment. This experience should include both live chat and email support to ensure that you're equipped to handle customer queries effectively and efficiently.

Fluency in English

Fluency in English is essential for this role, as most of our customers communicate in English. Strong verbal and written communication skills are necessary to provide clear and concise responses to customer queries.


Being tech-savvy is a big plus for the role of Customer Support Manager. A good knowledge of DNS, API, HTML, WordPress, E-Commerce tools, and Email Marketing will enable you to provide more comprehensive support to our customers. Familiarity with tools like Intercom, HelpScout, and Slack is also beneficial.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is a critical skill for a Customer Support Manager. The ability to spot and analyze small details can make a big difference in addressing customer queries and identifying technical issues. In your application, please include the word “lite” somewhere to demonstrate your attention to detail.

Experience with support tools

Experience with support tools such as Intercom, HelpScout, and Slack is advantageous. Familiarity with these tools will allow you to hit the ground running and seamlessly integrate into our support processes.

Customer Support Manager - Join The Fast-Growing Team At Mailerlite

Shifts and Time Zones

To accommodate the needs of our global customer base, we offer various shifts and time zones for our Customer Support Managers. The available shifts are:

  • Sunday to Thursday
  • Tuesday to Saturday
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The available time zones are:

  • 8am – 4pm CET
  • 4pm – 12am CET
  • 12am – 8am CET

During the hiring process, we'll discuss shift preferences and time zone availability to ensure a suitable match for both parties.

Customer Support Manager - Join The Fast-Growing Team At Mailerlite

Benefits of Joining MailerLite

When you join MailerLite as a Customer Support Manager, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that contribute to your overall well-being and job satisfaction. Some of the benefits we offer include:

Competitive salary

We provide a competitive yearly gross salary of $31,200. We believe in rewarding our team members for their hard work and dedication.

Remote-first culture

At MailerLite, we have a remote-first culture. Our team works remotely from all over the world, allowing you to work from a location that suits your preferences and enables you to achieve a work-life balance.

International health insurance

We provide international health insurance that offers coverage in most countries. We understand the importance of your health and well-being and strive to ensure that you have access to quality healthcare when needed.

Company-paid retreats

Once a year, we gather as a team for a company-paid retreat in an exotic location. This retreat offers an opportunity to work, learn, and have fun together, strengthening our team bonds and fostering a sense of community.

Generous vacation and sick leave

We value the importance of rest and relaxation, which is why we provide 31 days of vacation per year. We encourage you to take time off to recharge and rejuvenate. Additionally, we offer 12 paid sick days for your physical and mental well-being, with no doctor's note required. Parents can also use these sick days to care for their sick children.

Creative and parental days off

At MailerLite, we recognize the importance of creativity and family. That's why we offer 4 creative days off per year, giving you the opportunity to pursue creative and fun activities outside of work. Additionally, we provide 12 parental days per year, allowing you to spend precious time with your children.

Parental leave and budget

We support our team members who are starting or expanding their families by offering parental leave. Primary caregivers can enjoy 3 months of paid bonding time at 100% of their salary, while secondary caregivers receive 1 month of paid leave. We also provide a parenting budget of $1000, allowing you to celebrate the arrival of your little one.

Joy budget

To add a little extra joy to your life, we provide an annual joy budget. This budget can be spent on whatever brings you joy, whether it's a hobby, a special treat, or an experience you've always wanted to try.

Equipment provided

To ensure that you can perform your job efficiently, we provide you with the necessary equipment. This includes a MacBook and other tools that will enable you to effectively communicate and carry out your duties.

For a full list of our awesome benefits, please visit our benefits page.

Customer Support Manager - Join The Fast-Growing Team At Mailerlite

How to Apply

If you're excited about the opportunity to join MailerLite as a Customer Support Manager, we invite you to visit the job posting on We Work Remotely. You can find the posting here. Take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career with MailerLite!

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to our team.

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