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Manager, Engineering req 571

The global data privacy software market is projected to experience substantial growth in the coming years, with estimations indicating a rise from $2.36 billion in 2022 to $25.85 billion by 2029. If you are someone seeking an innovative career path, the cybersecurity industry offers promising opportunities. Protegrity, an international leader in data protection solutions, is actively searching for individuals who are passionate about making an impact in ensuring privacy for all. With a focus on collaboration and cutting-edge technology, Protegrity aims to create a better world through their work. Join their team of talented professionals, and together, make a significant difference in the field of data security. Apply today to uncover what exciting developments lie ahead in this thriving industry.

Job Description

As a Manager of Engineering at Protegrity, your primary responsibility will be to manage the research and of a product. This includes overseeing the and of the product from start to finish. You will need to have strong techno-managerial abilities to deliver product features, work with associated technologies, and manage the team delivering the product. Additionally, you will be expected to take full ownership of the technical aspects of the product release and act as a technical advisor to stakeholders, product management, scrum teams, and cross-functional teams.

In this role, it will be crucial to maintain the conceptual and technical integrity of the features or components of the product. This means being able to articulate the product's features and limitations to other teams and ensuring that the product remains consistent and functional.

As the Manager of Engineering, you will also contribute to managing technical talent and skills within the organization. This includes taking ownership of performance management, competency , learning opportunities, and career for your team members. You will also be responsible for hiring and onboarding new team members as needed.

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Your role will be essential in keeping teams and individuals focused on achieving product and organization goals. This will require aligning the teams and individuals with the necessary skills and motivating them to work towards the common objectives.

As a process contributor, you will participate in one or more Agile teams. Your expertise will help set rational objectives for team members and ensure clear requirements and goals for each sprint and release. You will also assist Agile teams in prioritizing the product backlog and streamlining project execution.

In addition to your technical skills, adaptability is a crucial quality for this role. You will need to be able to learn and enhance your skills in the domain of data security, as well as stay updated on the latest technology requirements for the product.

Reviewing the work of reporting engineers will be another responsibility in this role. This will involve ensuring the quality and accuracy of their work and providing constructive feedback as needed.

Effective communication is key in this position, as you will be responsible for providing clear and crisp status updates to all stakeholders. You will also need to be able to communicate technical challenges and dependencies effectively and take necessary corrective actions when needed.

Manager, Engineering Req 571


To be considered for the Manager of Engineering position, you must have at least 12 years of post-bachelor's degree experience in software development, specifically in leading teams. In addition to your technical expertise, you will need to possess a range of soft skills.

Leadership and team management skills are essential for this role. You will need to provide technical guidance and build a high-performance team to achieve organizational goals. This includes mentoring and reviewing the work of other engineers within your team and across teams. Effective communication skills will also be crucial in collaborating with Agile teams, product management, and customers.

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Excellent soft skills are necessary to collaborate and maintain rapport across teams and individuals. This includes fostering a positive and inclusive work environment and effectively collaborating with other functions in the organization.

Sufficient knowledge of office productivity tools is required to facilitate the formal exchange of technical content and interpersonal communication.

Analytical and problem-solving skills are crucial for this role. You should be able to gather and analyze data, solve problems, and make optimum decisions quickly.

In terms of technology skills, you should have good programming expertise, with preferred programming languages being Python, Java, and C/C++. Experience in the domains of Logging and Analytics, working with distributed systems on a large scale, and familiarity with Linux and Windows OS are also desirable. Additional skills such as cryptography and security, familiarity with DevOps and automation tools, knowledge of modern SDLC practices, and understanding of data security requirements and standards will be advantageous.

Manager, Engineering Req 571

Additional Information

At Protegrity, we offer a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. This includes generous vacation and holiday time off. We also prioritize ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace, where all employees are free to bring their full selves to work. We are committed to not discriminating against any qualified applicants or current employees based on factors such as race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

For more information about how we handle job applicants' personal information, please refer to Section 12: Supplemental Notice for Job Applicants in our Privacy Policy.

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Manager, Engineering Req 571

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