VP of Brand Strategy and Development

As the of Brand at Spring Health, you will play a crucial role in building a category-leading brand in healthcare and inspiring millions worldwide to take action on their mental health journey. Working closely with the CMO and leadership team, you will be responsible for establishing brand commitments, crafting inspiring stories, and leading the brand function. With a focus on content, creative, communications, and social media, you will have the to disrupt the industry and develop a world-class brand organization. This highly visible position requires strong leadership skills, a track record of business results, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. If you're ready to make a meaningful impact and be part of a high-caliber team revolutionizing mental health, Spring Health is the place for you.

VP of Brand Strategy and Development

VP of Brand Strategy and Development

As the VP of Brand Strategy and Development at Spring Health, you will play a crucial role in building a category-leading brand in healthcare and inspiring millions of people to take action on their mental health journey. Reporting directly to the CMO, you will work closely with the CEO and the rest of the leadership team to establish our brand commitments and lead the brand function at Spring Health. With responsibilities ranging from content strategy to PR and communications, you will have a significant impact on shaping our brand and driving our mission forward. This is an exciting and highly visible role in a rapidly growing company that is revolutionizing the mental health industry.


Working closely with CEO and CMO

As the VP of Brand Strategy and Development, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our CEO and CMO to build, create, and deliver a global brand that inspires millions of people to prioritize their mental health. By collaborating with the csuite, you will help establish our brand commitments and ensure alignment across the organization.

Leading brand strategy

Your primary responsibility will be to lead our brand strategy, encompassing brand identity, brand management, brand distribution, and brand governance. You will have the chance to shape the overall direction and positioning of our brand, ensuring that it resonates with our target audience and supports our business objectives.

Developing and leading content strategy

In this role, you will be responsible for developing and leading our content strategy. This will involve creating innovative and engaging content that tells our brand story and drives meaningful connections with our audience. You will also lead a team to ensure that our content is aligned with our business objectives and helps us achieve our goals.

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Steering creative organization

You will be tasked with steering our creative organization, ensuring that our designs, video production, and brand campaigns are not only visually stunning but also effective in driving brand awareness and engagement. By keeping a finger on the pulse of creative trends and best practices, you will help elevate our brand to new heights.

Leading PR/Comms strategy

Another important aspect of your role will be to lead our PR/Comms strategy. You will work closely with our agency partners and internal stakeholders to shape the narratives around mental health and behavioral health, positioning Spring Health as a thought leader in the industry. Your strategic approach to PR and communications will be instrumental in building and maintaining our brand reputation.

Developing measurement framework

To ensure the effectiveness of our brand efforts, you will develop a measurement framework that allows us to track and evaluate our progress. By establishing key performance indicators and continuously analyzing the data, you will drive operational excellence and identify areas for improvement.

Working across other organizations

Collaboration will be key in this role, as you will work closely with other organizations at Spring Health to champion our brand standards, brand strategy, and stories. By fostering strong relationships and cross-functional partnerships, you will ensure that our brand is consistently represented throughout the company.

Championing brand standards and strategy

As the VP of Brand Strategy and Development, you will serve as the champion of our brand standards and strategy. You will advocate for the importance of brand consistency and ensure that all brand communications and materials align with our established guidelines. By upholding our brand standards, you will help foster trust and recognition among our audience.


To succeed in this role, you should possess the following qualifications:

8+ years of brand strategy experience

You should have at least 8 years of experience leading brand strategy and development. This experience will provide you with the foundation necessary to take on the responsibilities of this role and drive the growth of our brand.

Experience creating and growing category-leading brand

Having experience in creating and growing a category-leading brand is essential. This experience demonstrates your ability to develop impactful brand campaigns that resonate with consumers and drive business results.

Strong team-building skills

As the head of the brand function, you will need strong team-building skills to assemble and lead a high-performing team. Your ability to foster collaboration, provide guidance, and develop talent will be instrumental in achieving our brand goals.

Proven track record in developing brand campaigns

A proven track record in developing brand campaigns that drive business results will be highly valued in this role. Your ability to craft compelling narratives, engage audiences, and achieve measurable outcomes will contribute to the success of our brand.

Results-oriented mindset

A results-oriented mindset is crucial in driving the growth and impact of our brand. Your ability to set goals, track progress, and adapt strategies based on data and insights will help us continuously improve and deliver meaningful results.

Strong stakeholder management experience

Strong stakeholder management experience is necessary to build trusted relationships with internal teams and external stakeholders. Your ability to navigate different perspectives, align priorities, and influence decision-making will be key to executing our brand strategy.

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Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

As the VP of Brand Strategy and Development, you will be working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines. Your ability to thrive in such an environment, adapt to changing circumstances, and manage multiple priorities will contribute to your success in this role.

Why Work at Spring Health

Working at Spring Health offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining our team:

High caliber team

At Spring Health, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional team of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in people's lives. Together, we work towards our shared mission of revolutionizing the mental health industry.

Revolutionizing the mental health industry

Spring Health is at the forefront of revolutionizing the mental health industry. By joining our team, you will play a vital role in shaping the future of mental health care and making a lasting impact.

Big market and sales potential

The mental health industry presents a significant market opportunity, and Spring Health is positioned for success. With a strong product-market fit and growing demand, you will have the chance to contribute to our sales growth and tap into an expanding market.

Opportunity to make a big impact

Working at Spring Health means having the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Every day, you will have the chance to contribute to improving the mental health and well-being of individuals worldwide.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

Spring Health is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe that diversity brings different perspectives, ideas, and experiences to the table, enabling us to build an excellent patient experience. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in all its forms.

VP of Brand Strategy and Development

Company Values

At Spring Health, we prioritize our values, which guide our actions and shape our culture. Our values are:

Members Come First

We are genuine member advocates, putting the needs of our patients at the forefront of everything we do. Our commitment to providing the best possible care drives our actions.

Move Fast to Change Lives

We operate with a sense of urgency and intention, recognizing the critical importance of timely mental health support. By moving fast, we can make a tangible difference in people's lives.

Take Ownership

We believe in extending trust and holding ourselves accountable for our actions. Taking ownership allows us to take initiative, drive results, and continuously improve.

Embrace Diverse Teams & Perspectives

We value the diversity of cultural backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. By embracing diverse teams and perspectives, we can leverage the collective wisdom and creativity of our team members.

Science Will Win

We believe in the power of science and evidence-based frameworks to drive impact. By prioritizing innovation and rigorous research, we can transform the field of mental health.

Candor with Care

We foster a culture of open and honest communication, delivered with empathy and care. By practicing candor, we promote trust, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Hypergrowth meets impact

Working at Spring Health means experiencing the intersection of hypergrowth and impact. Here's what you can expect in our working environment:

Surrounded by bright minds

As a part of our team, you will be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the field of mental health. Collaborating with talented professionals will foster learning and growth opportunities.

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Opportunity for learning and growth

At Spring Health, we prioritize your personal and professional development. You will have ample opportunities to learn and grow, both within your role and through ongoing training and resources.

Transparency, integrity, and humility

We value transparency, integrity, and humility in our interactions and decision-making processes. Leaders at Spring Health embody these values, creating a culture that encourages honesty, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Empowerment to challenge the status quo

We encourage our team members to challenge the status quo and push boundaries. Your ideas and perspectives are valued, and you will have the opportunity to make a real difference by questioning conventional wisdom and driving innovation.

Space for experimentation and innovation

At Spring Health, we recognize the importance of experimentation and innovation. We provide the space and support for you to explore new ideas, take calculated risks, and drive innovation in our industry.

Transformational impact

Joining Spring Health means being part of a team that is making a transformational impact in the field of mental health. Your work will directly contribute to improving the lives of individuals and driving meaningful change.

Resourcefulness and resilience

In a fast-paced environment, resourcefulness and resilience are crucial. At Spring Health, you will develop these qualities as you navigate challenges, adapt to change, and find creative solutions to complex problems.

Part of a winning team

By joining Spring Health, you become part of a winning team that is well-positioned for success. As we continue to grow and expand, you will have the opportunity to contribute to our ongoing success and be part of our future milestones.

VP of Brand Strategy and Development

Benefits at Spring Health

We offer a comprehensive benefits package to support the well-being of our team members. Here are some of the benefits you can expect at Spring Health:

Total Health benefits

We provide health, dental, and vision benefits starting on your first day at Spring Health. You and your dependents will also receive access to an individual One Medical account, valued at $199/year per user. Additionally, we offer HSA and FSA plans to support your healthcare needs.

Flexible paid time off

We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer flexible paid time off for our team members. In addition to 12 paid holidays throughout the year, you will have the flexibility to take time off as needed.

Sabbatical leave

At Spring Health, we value the well-being and personal growth of our team members. As a result, we offer a fully paid sabbatical leave after you hit your four-year Springaversary. This four-week leave provides you with the opportunity to recharge and pursue personal interests.

Parental leave and family support

We understand the importance of supporting working parents and offer 4-4.5 months of fully paid parental leave. Additionally, we provide sponsored access to Bright Horizons® child care, back-up care, and elder care for team members and their families.

Financial support

To financially support our team members, we benchmark our salaries using the Radford Global Compensation Database. This ensures that our salaries are competitive and based on industry standards. We also offer incentive pay based on role and equity that begins vesting after one year of employment.

401(k) match

Spring Health offers an employer-sponsored 401(k) match of up to 2% after 90 days of employment. This helps you plan for your future and save for retirement.

Flexible work arrangements

We understand the importance of flexibility and offer flexible work arrangements. Whether you prefer working remotely or in a hybrid model, we strive to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Focus Fridays and Focus Weeks

To promote focused, uninterrupted work, we have implemented Focus Fridays. On Fridays, there are no meetings or distractions, allowing you to concentrate on important tasks and projects. Additionally, we hold Focus Weeks throughout the year to provide dedicated time for deep, meaningful work.

Professional development reimbursement

We prioritize your professional development and offer up to $1,000 reimbursement per calendar year for professional development activities. This allows you to invest in your growth and expand your skill set.

Donation matching

At Spring Health, we believe in giving back and support causes that are important to our team members. We offer donation matching, providing up to $200 per year to match your contributions to your favorite charitable organizations.

Join Spring Health and embark on a rewarding career with a company that values its employees, fosters innovation, and prioritizes the well-being of its team members. Together, we can make a transformative impact in the mental health industry and improve the lives of individuals around the world.

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